Friday, November 9, 2007

richness, inspiration and hope

Thanks to everyone who took part in this forum, either by reading or commenting. Three weeks have flown by, and we have certainly had a rich discussion!

Many people spoke of the powerful, not necessarily financial, rewards of this work. Those gifts keep people committed to adult literacy and are appealing to young people who are starting to see their place in literacy work.

We've also spent some time exposing some of the structures and systems that threaten to undermine the amazing work people are doing coast to coast to coast. As a wonderful antidote to those pressures, people shared their dreams of Places to Learn..."just like we have hockey rinks and playgrounds and walking trails and libraries and swimming pools and tourist information centres and..."

Let's keep talking to each other, and dreaming of the future we'd like to see. Please consider typing up those thoughts and sharing them through Literacies!

Meanwhile, we need to know how this blog worked for you.

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When you are done, send an email to journal [at] literacy [dot] ca. Include one of the questions (not your answer) in your message. We will send you a token of our appreciation.

Thanks again!

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  1. Just a quick heads up about the survey to anybody... like me, I guess.

    It's a 1 page survey. Say everything you want to say on the first page, because after you click "continue" you're done.

    You can page-back and add or change stuff, but when you click "continue" a second time, your changes aren't excepted.